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Play & Prosume: Technology, Exchange and Flow

Projektleitung: Margarete Jahrmann
The exhibition entitled PLAY & PROSUME at Kunsthalle Vienna represents the major output of the HERA funded research project from 2010 to 2013, “Technology Exchange and Flow: Artistic Media Practices and Commercial Application”.

The high concept exhibition has been curated by Margarete Jahrmann and Brigitte Felderer as an apparatus for dynamic public-facing interactions at the Kunsthalle Projectspace Vienna and associated presentations in the Filmmuseum Vienna. It brings together the key research findings of the project research teams at Plymouth University, VU University Amsterdam and the University of Applied Arts Vienna together with contributions from the EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum.
The exhibition adopts an experimental approach in which the exhibition space will be intertwined with the reality of the visitors in order to explore how traffic between cultural forms in Europe, such as industrial film and new media arts on the one hand, and commercial exploitation of audio-visual media on the other hand, is radically transformed at key moments of technological change. It is intended to reveal that audio-visual media linked to consumption such as advertising are indebted to the artistic use of cinematographic form and audio-visual technologies in a three-way dialogue between creatives, industry and users. Exhibits include examples of early advertising in film and television, experimental film, trade cards, industrial films as well as contemporary video games.

PLAY & PROSUME project was supported by the Eu Programme "Humanities in the European Research Area" (HERA)
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Featured article on FWF website, 2013

Play & Prosume
Edited by Brigitte Felderer, Margarete Jahrmann. 2013. Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg

The book is no catalogue of an exhibition, although it features an Alternate Reality exhibition game, which was developed and designed by the Vienna research group of Play&Prosume (Jahrmann, Felderer, Kayali, Schuh) as Interface for artistic research.
Through various texts, this book reaches beyond the media images shown and analyzes the use of advertising in film, television, experimental and industrial films, as well as computer games. The texts represent individual research papers by the EU/ HERA funded research project TEF, Technology, Exchange and Flow, led by Dr. Michael Punt and Dr. Martha Blassnigg, University of Plymouth, UK. All papers were peer reviewed by the researcher group, each paper was generated out of the research process from 2010 till 2013 and is an original publication with an intended impact on arts, game design, film history, social and science studies.

Text by Gerald Bast, Martha Blassnigg, Rudmer Canjels, Brigitte Felderer, Bert Hogenkamp, Margarete Jahrmann, Fares Kayali, Johann Lurf, Thomas Macho, Robert Pfaller, Bernhard Seiter, Gejus van Diggele, Martyn Woodward et al.

Mehr Informationen: www.artbook.com