Art Education: A vehicle for identity formation

Arts in Education Spotlight Session (Online)

Join the first ELIA Arts in Education Platform Spotlight Session, focusing on the mature art student’s journey and lifelong learning (topics which ELIA members have identified as relevant). This online event celebrates the launch of the new ELIA Arts in Education Platform. Together with representatives from Limerick School of Art and Design, we will explore self-determination, reflection and the formation of identity within higher arts education. Afterwards, join our speed networking session, and meet one-to-one with likeminded arts education professionals.

The psychological theory of self-determination reveals how one’s ability to self-regulate and act autonomously, promotes psychological growth, happiness, well-being, self-motivation, and personality integration. For many mature students, their delayed engagement with higher arts education, centred on familial, social or institutional conditions. In turn, these external regulatory forces prevented many mature students’ ability to self-regulate and act autonomously.

Arts Education, in the form of “aesthetic experience” can provide a major path to facilitating critical reflection. Not only does this allow individuals to examine their own predispositions, but gives them the opportunity to come to an understanding of their distorted, dysfunctional frames of reference. The understanding gained from this realisation, can allow for processes of transformation and new identity formation, empowering people to act as autonomous, individuated beings.


Take part in a discussion involving lecturers and mature students. Delve into the topic of arts in education with international peers.

This event is open to ELIA members only. Students across disciplines from ELIA member institutions are welcome to register.

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