Focus Artistic Research

Quantum Cinema – A Digital Vision

Peter Weibel

Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art

The intended project is inspired by the current events in science, especially by those in quantum physics, as the forthcoming international experiment in the high-energy particle collider (LHC) at CERN is expecting to solve open questions in science, such as the detectability of the Higgs particle and the riddle of extra-dimensions. ?The artistic research on scientific preliminaries, entitled "Quantum Cinema" is dedicated to the postulate of Peter Weibel:?Hence, the establishment of a virtual higher-dimensional space model for visualizing the usually non-perceivable processes in the microcosmos on Planck scale – the size of the wavelength of a photon – is the research focus of this intended project.
Media theory will supervise the artistic investigation on principles of higher-dimensional space-concepts, which should lead to a visual access to higher mathematics in quantum physics.
Studies of modern space-time theories and corresponding ideas in various times and within the field of anthropology of art should lead to a new synthesis. Media theory supervises this variantologic approach for a profound investigation by asking about analogies between imagination and media technology in different periods as well as depiction forms analogous to recognition and science transfer. In this respect, the study will also reflect science visualization through history and its possibilities via new digital media in parallel to the artwork.

The "Quantum Cinema" project is an attempt to learn to understand chaos within "higher order"by digital image processing. Hence, this visualization of a higher dimensional space concept is an "digital geometrical experiment" based on strict mathematical principles.? The 3D animated graphic designs of a higher-dimensional space by "discrete dynamic geometry" is an attempt to create a new "holographic depiction model" of complex space structures. Number theory will help to establish the topologically correct structure as well as experimental facts in quantum physics, which will provide the plot for the "quantum cinema". ?The creative process of the digital artwork will be strictly determined by the scientific rules of both, mathematical logic and experimental facts. Its reflection proceeds in the theoretical comparative method and is then incorporated into the creative artwork in order to compose the correct image.
Hence, the visible mathematical structure should be a digital set-up of a virtual particle collider, which should not only allow ONE viewpoint, but an abundance of viewpoints – as if the observer were within the system – to achieve an inner view from the "world inside" to fulfill the claim of the endophysicist Otto E. Rössler.